Teacher Wish Lists for the B&N Book Fair

The holidays are upon us and teachers have filled out their book wish lists.  Fortunately, the Barnes & Noble book fair is just around the corner.

If you would like to purchase a book for your favorite teacher, check out their book wish lists.  When the Wishlist folder appears, scroll down to find your teacher’s name then click it.  Their wish list will open for you to see.

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Pre-Order a Yearbook

On Sale Now!  Get your 2015-2016 Yearbook for only $36 if you purchase before the end of November.

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Lunchroom Helpers

Sack LunchJoining your child for lunch, Meet their classmates, Get fresh ideas for lunch items to pack, Meet other Parents and Teachers

Remember, you need to fill out an online Volunteer Form/Background Check in order to work with students on campus.  This process could take up to two weeks so please do it today!

If you’re able to sign up for an hour or two a week, that will be a great help. Your responsibilities will include opening lunch items for the students, micro-waving food, collecting trash as the students finish eating, cleaning off tables, etc.

Thank you for helping FCA in this very important way.  The lunchroom runs so smoothly when we have many helpers…we can’t do it without you! There are three places where lunch is served every day: Grammar Cafeteria, Gym, and Upper Cafeteria.

CLICK HERE to volunteer
Lunch Times 2015-16:

Grammar Cafeteria

11:00-11:30 Kindergarten – Mrs. wright, Ms. Wilhelm, Mrs. Morris

11:30-12:00 Second Grade – Ms. DiFurio, Mrs. Norum

Third Grade – Mrs. Grzesiak, Mrs. Tarver

12:00-12:30  First Grade – Ms. Reed, Mrs. Misko, Mrs. Kaszynski

Second Grade – Mrs. Guy

12:30-1:00   Fourth Grade – Mrs. Bloch, Mrs. Nied, Mrs. Wood

Third Grade – Mr. Klumpp


11:40-12:10  all 5th, 6th, and 7th grades

Upper Cafeteria

11:40-12:10  all 8th and 9th grades

12:35-1:05   all 10th-12th grades

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Contribute to the Yearbook

Do you enjoy taking pictures?  Would you like to help make this year’s yearbook the best one ever?

If so, you can be a published photographer by taking photos and uploading them for publication in the 2015-2016 FCA Yearbook.

The yearbook team is looking for Fun Group Photos from every grade level at any FCA event or activity such as:

Homecoming Dance
Spirit Week
Pep Rally
Football tackle/flag
Cross Country
Fall Fun Fair
Spring Picnic
Holiday Activities
Teacher Appreciation Days
Any class event or parties
School/Classroom Decorations
Fundraising Activities
Club/Extracurricular Events

Please read Image Resolution Tips. This is a brief summary about creating high-resolution photographs that are suitable for printing in the yearbook. Unfortunately, most cell phone cameras do not offer this high resolution.

Then take high-resolution, candid photographs with your camera Remember, smiling faces are always more interesting than boring backs 🙂
After taking the pictures, upload the images to Lifetouch Community Images for inclusion in the yearbook.  This year our access code is TUVMFQ.  If you already have an account please add the new access code when prompted.  For help uploading, read the Lifetouch Community Image Upload Instructions.

If you have too many pictures to upload, you may also submit a flash drive to Ms. Snellgrove and she can copy the photos then return the drive back to you.

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Treasurer Report: Sept 2015


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Beginning Bank Balance (September 1, 2015)   $17,519.16

Treasurer Report: August 2015


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Beginning Bank Balance (August 1, 2015)   $26,046.96

FCAPTO Reports & Forms 2014

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FCAPTO Bylaws Approved